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Port Agency and Port Handling in Unigate Logistics: The Leading Ship Port Agency and Port Handling Services provider in Somalia

Standing on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Unigate Logistics offers extensive services to the clients so that both their time and cost is saved during the process and the cargo is safe. Being a leading Ship Port Agency Supplier in Somalia, the services are professional and the long-term relationship with high-class partners from round the continent have made port handling in Unigate Logistics efficient as ever.

From handling containerized, general and bulk cargo to proper reporting and supervising of the entire handling operations, the work efficiency is unmatched.

The main procedures during port handling include a lot of steps which include –

  • Organizing cargo
  • Supervising cargo handling
  • Container loading and unloading
  • Securing and stowing cargo
  • Documentation and invoice preparing
  • Brokerage of customers
  • Selecting proper equipment and using advanced loading technology
  • Inspection of goods with control authorities and completing the formalities

Port Handling by Experts

To be an efficient Ship Port Agency Supplier in Somalia, Unigate Logistics has experience in handling wide varieties of ships. The main handling service includes loading and discharging of the goods which can be in bulk, stuffed in container or bags or even potentially dangerous goods which are to be handled carefully. No matter whether the cargo is dry or liquid, over dimensional or ammunition-based, swift handling is ensured at every stage to make scheduled delivery.

During this process, the supervising experts also ensure quality check of the handling equipment and the components of transport vessels. For hazardous contents, proper handling is done so that there is no contamination.

Cargo Operation in Port Handling

During cargo handling, the deck officers of this Ship Port Agency Supplier in Somalia make proper planning to monitor the loading and discharging process. While cross-checking that all the contents are arranged properly the handling equipment and cranes are checked for their proper functionality. Extra caution is taken while handling the contents recognized as International Maritime Dangerous Goods and Reefer Containers. Paperwork, seals and stickers are checked thoroughly and instructions are followed while handling. Heavy contents like heavy machinery, yachts, boats etc. are loaded after checking lashings.

Dispatch of Cargo

While discharging the cargo, an appointed official remains present so that no discrepancy in received quantities and handling procedure takes place. The cargo is tallied before dispatching from ship. For fragile packages like cardboard boxes, hook is not used so as to ensure zero damage to products. In case any cargo is damaged, it is separated from the rest, packaged again and then sent for repair. Cargo containers are kept locked until de-stuffing and seal number is recorded in case the seal is broken. Transit voucher is issued for each consignment and before that, they are stored properly in clean storage.

Container Loading and Unloading

Both manual and automated loading and unloading of cargo is offered by Unigate Logistics which is a widely recognized ship port agency supplier in Somalia. The manned Quay cranes are used to position the containers properly. The trolleys of the cranes help in transporting the containers in between ship and transport. Unloading of the containers is made with proper planning, mostly by the controller of quay crane in a flexible way. While loading the containers, the stowage plan or bay plan is made to place each container at their specific place according to their size, weight, category, contents and destination.

Handling of Bulks

Unigate Logistics, as a leading ship port agency supplier in Somalia handles every type of bulks in their different transportation method and packaging. While the Container Cargos include computers, electronic appliances, toys, meat and other low-duty goods safety loaded and surrounded by metal wall, the Liquid Bulk Cargos include wine and beverages, fuel oil, petrol and crude oil etc. in huge tankers. In case of handling metal scraps, iron ore, coal, cement, sand, sugar, grain and salt, the Dry Bulk Cargo vessels are used, where large containers are stuffed for handling.

Unigate Logistics also handles Break Bulk like steel sheets, fragile parts of electrical appliances, wood, paper, cocoa sacks etc. As the name suggests, the Break Bulk is easily breakable and hence, proper packaging in racks, crates or pallets is ensured before a forklift truck or crane loads and unloads the cargo.

After having proper inspection of the draught, ballasts and lists of the ships and checking lashings thoroughly, the cargo is loaded and unloaded accordingly while maintaining utmost safety and security.

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